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News Letter

Mac's lmmigration Services, a UK based Advisory lmmigration organisation registered with the office of lmmigration services Commissioner [OISC] which specialises in all aspects of lmmigration law and related matters.

Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner Will offer you professional advice and services, such as, advising you on the merits of your case, whether it would be successsful, or to assist you professionally with completing your application forms on your behalf with the information you have provided, either for entry clearance (Visa) settlement/indefinite leave to remain (ILR) or switching from one category to another for further leave to remain (FLR) or Point Based System (PBS) from outside or within the UK, Mac's lmmigration services (MIS) will provide you with the expertise in UK lmmigration laws and rules in line with current legislations in relation to UK/EU lmmigration law and practice.

    Mac's lmmigration ServicesWe shall not only guide you through the complexities of UK/EEA/EU lmmigration laws and rules, but we shall ethically and professionally tell you the legal requirements you will need to support your application before its sent to the Home office or the UKBA, as any slightest error on your application could invalidate your application. Do you know that ignorance of the lmmigration laws and rules could cost you your chance of becoming settled in the UK? For instance, if you are here lawfully for the past ten years, you and your dependants may qualify for indefinite leave to remain in the Uk (Settlement) or even if you are here unlawfully in the last fourteen years, you could be considered for settlement in the UK.


Deepthi Nair

Macs Immigration Services helped my get all my documents together & really helped push my application forward. Thanks.

Adam Kangethe

They helped me with my spouse visa and got everything sorted out with out much effort. They were patient & handled my case well.

Miahua Huane

Their team is fast & efficient, they helped me with my visa application & did all the work. Its like a dream come true.Very good people.